Oil on canvas, an untitled work by Smokkie Kittner

Untitled 2022 Oil on canvas 40" x 30"

A mysterious pastel that references landscape and shadow wraps the central section of the image

Untitled 2021 Pastel on rag paper 22⅜" x 30"

Abstract Pastel by contemporary artist Smokie Kittner

And In Between 2020 Pastel on rag paper 17½" x 22"

A pastel that references landscape where yellow is the predominant color

Untitled 2020 Pastel on rag paper 21½ x 29½"

Abstract Pastel by contemporary visual artist Smokie Kittner

Untitled 2020 Pastel on rag paper 30" x 22"

Visualy haunting pastel

Untitled 2020 Pastel on rag paper 29½" x 21½"

Untitled, Pastel 2014

This 2014 oil painting by the artist Smokie Kittner shows a shrouded nebulous environment with a narrow band of light defining the horizon

BEGINNING 2014, oil on canvas

This is a photograph documenting a pastel by artist Smokie Kittner portraying an environment both beautiful and nebulous.

Untitled  Pastel 2011 11 5/8" X 29 1/2"

This image is of a structurally simple 2011 pastel by the artist showing a narrow area of rose madder and brown at the bottom with most of the image being a warm grey

Untitled  Pastel 2011  16 1/2" X 22 3/8


A large oil painting on canvas depicting a flat plain in the summer over which a white cloud takes the form of a tornado

Untitled 2010  Oil on Canvas  43" X 81" 

This image is of Smokie Kittner's  2010 oil painting, Untitled 14 which employs atmospheric and architectonic elements to lead the viewer through a dark passage to a mysterious central point of brilliance in the top center of the work

 Untitled 14  2009 Oil on Canvas 55" X 86"

 Titled Day One this 58" X 72" oil on canvas shows where landscape and sky are used to created vignette of light framed by dark

DAY ONE 2008  Oil on Canves  58" X 72" 

This large painting has a luminous center which framed by a dark exterior leads down to an abstracted spiraling current

UNTITLED #14 2007  Oil on canvas  74"H X 55"W

This image is of a large oil by Smokie Kittner.  In it the edge of a dark sphere punctuated by red elements hangs in a void

UNTITLED 2006  Oil on canvas  72"H X 571/4"W

In this chiaroscuro work the artist uses deep reds and black with pale yellow to create a stark landscape

Untitled #16 2007 Pastel on Rag Paper 21 ½” X 30”

Image of an artwork where the artist used pastel to create a nebulous color field.

Untitled #2 2007 Pastel on Rag Paper 18” X 42”

In this beautiful pastel an empty landscape with a long central axis is used as context to creat a haunting work

UNTILED #10 2007 Pastel on Paper  22" X 30"

Untitled #11 2007 is a 55” X 86” Oil on canvas that uses architectural elements to frame a central abstracted landscape

Untitled #6 2007 Oil on Canvas 55" X 86"